How Can I Fix The Uuid Library? Libid Not Found

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    Well, the problem is that I don’t want to be able to access the internet that is on the Ubuntu machine. Now I have accessed the Internet by pointing to the price tag at the ATM. apt-get sudo gparted, likelyoh, would fix all the problems when they “appeared”, but I should have seen you download the gparted source code from the win picker. Now I need to fix the dependencies myself as I go along.

    Where can I find these programs/files for initial download from my Winbox? and deb where files are possible, the source scares me.

    By the way, if you find that gparted actually works, the program will be my first compilation from source plus and finally make it work

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    It is right?…bparted1.8-dev

    that finding this canister must have been much more difficult than finding it…

    this is the link when viewing jaunty.Of

    What versions should I get? orig.tar.gz? ubuntu6.dsc? ubuntu6.diff.gz?

    I may not know what the last 2 might be, so I download the orig.tzr.gz ATM and wait for

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    Hmm… you should definitely see the .deb file here to save. You need to install this.

    orig.tar. Whether gz is the source code for the location.
    diff.gz is a source patch that allows you to create Debian packages.
    dsc is a special signed file for authentication pointing to source+difference.

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    ok, no, I looked again, saw the deb, bought and installed it. Everything worked out with the metro.

    but then I used ./configure in the gparted folder… it actually did a bunch of stuff but inevitably returned the exact same error.

    and now?

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    I was looking for the libuuid stuff on this ubuntu page and came across this:

    from these great search results:…ywords=libuuid

    I have used it and am still getting the same error. Does anyone have any other ideas of what I will definitely try?

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    I went back to the gparted Ubuntu page and downloaded the libuuid computer files directly from gparted’s required dependencies list… AND WILL NOT WORK YET.

    What do they give? It’s incredibly boring at this point.

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    I went back to the gparted ie8 page and bought the libuuid files directly from gparted’s dependency list… And it STILL doesn’t work.

    What do they give? At the moment it seems incredibly boring.

    Indexed dependencies on the Runtime Dependencies page.

    Build dependencies are slightly different

    The following is usually required:
    quilt, debhelper, libxml-parser-perl, uuid-dev, parted, pkg-config, rarian-compat, gnome-doc-utils, libgtkmm-2.4-dev, libparted1.8-dev, intltool

    And more or less all packages depend on the above, etc.

    In the end, if you can look into any partnership on the internet (even if it’s Ethernet), you’ll end up with a setup that’s much easier to operate:


    sudo apt-gt build-dep gparted

    and let the cleanup program do the rest instead. (Because we are usually lazy and don’t want to go back and load something manually ).Library

  • Uuid (libuuid) Not Found???

    uuid library libuuid not found


    Check uuid_generate in -luuid... noconfigure: Error: *** Local library UUID (libuuid) not found

    I am planning to install gparted. Does the article mention a missing library?

    I found that this is done for qtparted (I think a similar program):

    “You may get the following error: control: error: Library Uuid *** (libuuid) not found
    Uuid is a library, but it is part of e2fsprogs. Required for parted and QtParted. On Ark Linux and similar distributions, download the e2fsprogs-devel package. Other distributions may require customers to install e2fsprogs, courtesy of the original compilation:

    Get the software that will fix your PC by clicking here.

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